The Next Generation Performance Enhancer and Detoxifier Composition:Each 1000 ml contains Natural Bioflavonoids and Polyphenols: Silymarin, Artichoke, Quercetin ,Ginseng Indications: Recommendation for Usage: During disease condition-Layers/Broilers: 10ml / 100 birds twice daily for 5 consecutive daysBreeders: 15-20 ml / 100 birds twice daily for 5 consecutive days Presentation: 1 Ltr & 5 Ltr Side Effect: No side effect


Amino acids with protected minerals Oral Liquid Composition:Each 500ml Contains Benefits at a glance: DOSAGE: PER 100 BIRD THROUGH WATER Presentation: 5Ltr,1Ltr 500 ml Side effect: No Side Effect Best Before: 24 Months from manufacturing date Storage Conditions: Stored in cool, dry, and dark place Protect from sunlight


To optimize the productivity Specification: Active NR Phytochemicals like Saponins & Hydroxyanthraquinone Indication & Benefits: Recommendation For Usage: In Post peak birds – 500 gm/ton of feed for 15 days a month program oras advised by a nutritionist Presentation: 1 kg Packet Side Effect: No Side effect

Toxybind Perfect

Mycotoxinbinder & Eliminator Composition: Indications: Dosage:Poultry:Preventive: 0.5kg/ton feed.Curative: 1kg- upto 2.5kg / ton feed with high risk feedCow: 10-50 gm per head per day. Presentation: 25kg Bag SIDE EFFECT: No Side effect


Description:A tool for the improvement of Health, Fertility, Milk & Meat ProductionCompositions: Indications: Recommendation For Usage:Large Animal (Cattle/Buffalo) 25gm/day/AnimalSmall Animal (Goat/Sheep/Calf) 15gm/day/animalPresentation: 500gm and 1kgSide Effect : No Side Effect